Clearing your goods|Booking with your preferred agent
just became a whole lot easier

Your gateway

With this new innovation by Transpack it will be more efficient to get your groupage shipments into EU member states. We bring together trade and supply on a single platform to make doing business as easy as possible. You stay in control for shipments, invoicing and will always be in direct contact with your destination agent.


Trucks on the road and people on the move. But you never know for sure if you will fill up your capcity. Now you have an extra possibility to generate extra volume by offering your services on a digital connected platform. 1. Upgrade your volume - extra capcity available for you. 2. Assured cargo delivery planning. 3. Direct contact and billing with origin agent.

Transport rates

Groupage shipments coming in through the port of Rotterdam (NL) can be cleared for customes on a single document for all EU member states. When storage is needed we will arrange to do so in The Hague (NL) and forward your shipment from where when needed. 1. You choose your preferred agent. 2. Rates based on supply and demand. 3. Transparent cost overview.

Guaranteed delivery

Once you plan a cargo to be delivered and it is accepted, you are guaranteed for delivery. All accepted agents on the platform are certified and fully accept responsibility.


Rates are always up to date and under control by agents themselves. Transpack keeps a keen eye on minimum and maximum rates which are offered to maintain the level of quality we stand for.

Choose an agent

You select the Destination agent, have direct communication and you will handle billing yourselves. Transpack will service sea freight, clearing in of the goods and storage handling.

Upgrade your volume

Generate extra volume directly online. Let Origin agents select you as preferred supplier of goods by offering transport.

Direct contact

You select the destination agent, have direct communication and will handle billing yourselves. Transpack will service sea freight, clearing in of the goods and storage handling.

Cost overview

We offer a dashboard online so you can keep track of delivery, current status, rates and billing process. That way you know where you are headed in a glance and can keep focus on ding business, hassle free.

Transpack is the best way for shipments to Europe!

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Transpack is one of the oldest moving companies from the Netherlands, based in Rotterdam. We are specialized in sea freight forwarding around the globe. Transpack is part of the Voerman Group. Voerman Group exists of brands that each add value while relocating and moving around the globe, offering different expertise. Contact us for logistics, moving, relocation or insurance for moving people or their belongings.